Write a business proposal for an improvement initiative that you feel will greatly benefit your organization

Individual Term Paper


Write a business proposal for an improvement initiative that you feel will greatly benefit your organization. The overall length should be 8-10 pages 1.5 space.

Overview of the Process

  • Choose an actual existing organization:

It may be public or private, for profit or non-profit, manufacturing or service, the choice is yours as long as the organization exists and you are able to acquire fundamental business intelligence regarding the organization. Acquiring fundamental business intelligence usually requires either firsthand experience with or access to the organization or that the organization has an established presence on the internet.

  • Choose an initiative to propose:
  • New product or service
  • Capital investment (equipment, technology, or real estate)
  • Market expansion (expanding geographical region or customer demographic)
  • Expanded employee benefits (enhancing services, benefits, or income of employees)
  • Realignment of organizational vision and mission
  • Craft a well-supported document that will persuade the organization’s decision makers to adopt your proposal.

Content Areas

  • Cover
  • Executive Summary
  • Table of contents
  • Proposal
    1. Background statement (Introduction)
    2. Statement of opportunity
    3. Objective
    4. Scope of work
      1. Clear understanding of practical challenges the initiative faces
      2. Resources needed
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  1. Management/project plan
  2. Summary/Conclusion
  • Optional attachments (charts, tables, supporting documents)

Individual Term Paper Rubric


  • Correct grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Clear organization and expression of ideas
  • Visually appealing and readable
  • Addresses major content areas

Function (clearly accomplishes each of the following)

  • Describes clearly what you propose to do
  • Presents logically and persuasively why you propose to do it
  • Provides legitimate benefits the organization will receive from doing it
  • Outlines how you plan to do it


  • Proposed initiative is clearly described
  • Stakeholders and their needs or expectations are clearly identified
  • Arguments are well supported through evidence and relevant comparison
  • Potential liabilities are identified and addressed
  • Costs and benefits are described and analyzed
  • Proposed scope of work is practical