Thomas Aquinas and Martin Luther on the Problem of Evil

The analysis paper should be rooted in the careful analysis and comparison of two texts: Summa Theologica written by Aquinas and the Freedom of Christian man or 95 theses written by Luther. It should bring about the main ideas and central arguments highlighted in each source.

The paper must be well structured and include an introduction (which includes a clearly stated thesis). A comparative analysis of each source should highlight the similarities and differences between the ideas expressed by each theologian in regards to the Problem of Evil:
“The reality of evil in its many forms probably presents theistic faith with its most serious challenge. This challenge has traditionally been formulated as a dilemma: If God is omnipotent, He can prevent all evil; if He is perfectly good, He must want to prevent all evil; but evil exists; therefore God is either not omnipotent or not perfectly good. Either of these alternatives would amount to the collapse of traditional Hebrew-Christian monotheism” John Hick

The paper must be rooted in evidence- engage text by the direct and indirect quotes and references to the text with end notes.