SAN JOSE MINE, Copiapo, Chile – 2010 – Chilean Mining Incident

Assignment Directions:

  1. Research the SAN JOSE MINE, Copiapo, Chile – 2010 – Chilean Mining Incident through both US news media and any foreign media sources.
  2. Compare and contrast the different viewpoints presented by foreign and domestic media coverage from the mining disaster’s beginning through the eventual freedom of all miners.
  3. Chronicle the following points:
  • what is believed to be the cause of this disaster;
  • how it was dealt with;
  • how the Chilean people feel about it;
  • what was the reaction by the mining company;
  • what was the reaction of the government;
  • what do the miners feel about their being trapped and eventually rescued.
  • What ,if anything, is currently under discussion [local/national/international media, government, public opinion, etc.] regarding this incident?

4.  Provide a personal reflection upon this incident including:

  • How you feel it was handled through its entirety;
  • What you feel the mining company could have done to prevent such an incident, as well as how they may have handled/mishandled the rescue;
  • How you feel the government handled/mishandled the incident;
  • What the outcome of this incident states about the labor issues in Chile


6.  You are to follow MLA standards requiring documentation of any sources used

Length:             Minimal acceptable length shall be two and half pages; Double spaced; 12 font; 1″ margins