Reflection paper – PSYCHOLOGY- Hunger

Please read the instructions carefully, do what it’s asked exactly. 

If you need any info please let me know.

You might write about something else like friend as example, does not has be true, you can make that up.

Please don’t use outside sources, you must read the files that I provide and write about it.

Please make the paper personal, the teacher needs it to be personal reflection to this subject. Read the NOTE blew and you will understand what he wants. 

You should write 2 pages

Over the course of the semester, students will submit through Canvas two personal reflections (20 points each, for a total of 40 points). These reflection should discuss how something learned from class (or the text) applies to your own life, or articulate your feelings about why a particular topic is important, etc. There are two required reflection papers, each one addressing a different portion of the course. Students can choose which modules/topics to reflect upon, within the confines of that part of the course: the first Reflection should address course content of the first four weeks (due Jun 3), the second should address content of the last four weeks (due June 26). Reflection papers should be ~2-3 pages each (400-600 words). Please review and proofread; if there are typos and grammatical errors, they will signify the absence of care and effort…!
NOTE: I do not want a summary of the material: Reflection papers are an opportunity for students to demonstrate critical thinking ability. Your papers should demonstrate your understanding of the material, not as a simple summary, but through your application of the material to your life. It’s much better to talk in-depth about 1 topic (or 2 closely related ones) than to casually mention many topics. When discussing topics and drawing meaningful connections with your own experiences, you should provide evidence that you understand the content you are writing about. Be creative, be critical, be funny, and have fun! (What you get out of these assignments depends directly on what you put into it.) Papers that demonstrate time, effort, logical thought, appropriate writing skills (complete sentences, correct grammar, no typos, logical flow, etc.), and are turned in on time will receive full credit. Also, please note that plagiarism WILL NOT be tolerated. This includes copying material out of the textbook, research articles, websites, and from other students, even if it is just a few consecutive words or phrases. Plagiarism will lead to a grade of zero on the assignment and may result in failing of the course.