Principles of Effective Treatment

1 Go to the following web site and read the Principles of Effective Treatment: In your own words, describe the thirteen principles of effective treatment.

2 Read the in-service training packet for TIP 35 located in Module Notes. Answer the following questions: How might training like this help you in developing effective counseling skills? Why is motivational counseling so important? What was the most important aspect of this training program to you?

3 Go to the following web site and read one of the articles (sections) in Approaches to Drug Abuse Counseling: State which article you read, and then write a 300 word summary of the article in your own words.

4 In your module notes or workbook, we discuss 10 different counseling techniques. Pick three that you like, or feel are effective, and do the following for each: State which technique it is, and who the key figure(s) are; What do you see, based on the facts given, as the pros and cons of this therapy; and How do you see this technique working with an alcoholic client?