PowerPoint Presentation Create a PowerPoint Presentation

1. PowerPoint Presentation Create a PowerPoint Presentation NOT MORE THAN TEN (10) SLIDES including the title and reference slides, highlighting at least one essential issue identified during your internship. In case you did not identify any issue at your internship site, select one of the problems listed below for your presentation: Generic Problems: – Poor quality work, productivity and outcomes – high voluntary turnover amongst employees – growing financial deficit of department/organization – overstaffing – understaffing – inappropriate staff to task ratio – outdated technology (computers, hardware and software, copiers and etc) for quality work – difficult employees – under budgeting of departmental/organizational projects – over budgeting of departmental/organizational projects – poor reporting, monitoring and evaluation system – hassle work environment – workplace harassment – poor employee performance – unstructured overtime management system – frequent employee lateness/tidiness – poor communication strategies – poor brand marketing strategies – poor customer service – noncompliance – abuse, waste and theft of departmental/organizational properties – Incompetent management and supervisors, and – ETC Audience: Imagine the audience is your preceptor, department heads and senior managers of the organization/internship site. The ideal presentation MUST include the following: – Introduction/title (Slide-1) – Brief overview of the organization including (Slide 2-4) o Mission, vision and objectives of the organization o Nature and scope of specific duties you performed at internship and few key achievements – Enumeration of the problem (s) you observed within the or organization (Slide-5) – Provide Analysis (Root Causes) of problem (s) identified (Slide 6-7) – Proposed recommendation for resolution (Slide-8) – Conclusion (Slide 9) – Reference (slide 10) 2. One-Page Intra-organization Memo Develop a One-Page Memo addressed to the Department Head clearly outlining the issues identified, perceived Root Causes (RCA) and what you would do (approach) to resolve the issue (s) if hired by the organization as a consultant. The following points need to be addressed in the memo: – The challenge: The issues identified and the specific drawbacks/problems this is causing the organization/department – The solution: Key facts and analysis about the problem, some specific methods that have been used in solving similar problems (best practices available), and which approach the intern hypothesizes would be best to use at this organization – Justification: make persuasive arguments supporting how the problems could be addressed and why you would be the ideal candidate to address such problem (s) if hired as a consultant. 3. Budget Schedule Imagine that the analysis presented has created a need for the organization to hire a Consultant to address the existing problem(s). Therefore, a Request For Proposal (RFP) or Term of Reference (ToR) has been published in search of a consultant. Based on the above RFP, develop a Summary Budget outlining the itemized cost for providing a one (1) year consultancy. The following items MUST be accounted for in your budget to the organization. – Personnel Cost – Administrative Cost – Material Cost – Travel Cost – Training Cost – Expendable and Non-Expendable Equipment Cost – Miscellaneous The total revenue available for the Project is projected at 1.3 Million Dollars; all interested Consultants MUST stay within budget or will be disqualified. ****Please note, this project is an individual assignment worth 25% of the students final grades as highlighted in the course guideline. Each student MUST do an independent work. Instructions: The final project MUST be compiled in a compressed Zip Folder and electronically submitted (EMAILED) to instructor by 11:59P.M. EST, Monday December 7, 2015. Projects submitted after set deadline will not be accepted. 1 PowerPoint 1 One-Page Memo 1 Excel Generated Budget Please READ details of the entire project. Good-Luck!