Market Innovation Strategy and Execution Plan

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Part 1: Select one or the other of these choices:

A publicly traded company in an industry you have not previously covered in this course.
A specific product market from that company. For example, if you chose to look at HP, you might choose their printer group.

Part 2: Select one or the other of these choices:

A specific product market innovation from this company.
The overall innovation and execution strategy of the company.

Part 3: Create a market innovation and execution plan for that particular market. Include the following:

Marketing and organizational design models that drive innovation.
Marketing and organizational processes that enable innovation.
Success factors for people and innovation.
Recommendations and creation of essential innovation success measures by creating an innovation dashboard (as discussed in Unit 9, Discussion 2).
Integration of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability and an evaluation of it.
A market innovation execution strategy and plan as an example of how this innovation will be executed in a particular market.

Also, evaluate the execution strategy by estimating its success based on specific factors.

You may illustrate the above information using the table function to compare theories, case studies, et cetera, or create a concept map.