MA 312 Section Number Midterm Exam Name Please show all and submit

MA 312 – Section Number _________ Midterm Exam Name___________________________________
Please show all work and submit as a single file scanned document or using Equation Editor.
Evaluate the integral. 1) a5 0 2×2+ x + 2 dx
Use a definite integral to find an expression that represents the area of the region between the given curve and the x-axis on the interval [0, b]. 2) y=12Δx2
Evaluate the integral. 3) a x4(x5 – 8)4 dx
Solve the differential equation. 4) dy dx =9 xy
Use the definite integral to find the area between the x-axis and f(x) over the indicated interval. 5) f(x)= x2- 6x+ 9; [2, 4]
Solve the initial value problem. 6) dy dx + xy=2x; y(0)=5
Find the area between the curves. 7) y= x, y= x2…..