Learning Team Assignment: Communication Plan

Learning Team Assignment: Communication Plan




  • Developgeneric communications plan AND template. The communication plan should be written. This template will be used to develop a communication plan specific to your business in the Final Strategic Plan, due in Week Five.

Here’s a hint. You can’t find this communication plan in one simple location within your text…there is no example. What is meant by communication plan is how are you going to communicate your strategic plan throughout your organization (both internally and externally)…you have the big picture (mission, vision, values, SWOTT, goals, objectives, etc.) You will have to look through each chapter to find different issues that need to be communicated…who they need to be communicated to…by what means would you communicate them…how often would you communicate them, etc.

I would suggest using a table-format for your template. You should just have the row headings and column headings in the template. There should be nothing in the template. It’s just a blank template for each of you to use in your Week 5 (you will fill in the template in Week 5 for your business).






My part is:




  1. External recipients


  1. Customers


  1. Suppliers


iii.     Creditors