Introduction – Provide an introduction about the market under study and the RSI technique.

Prepare your report, by ensuring the following areas are covered: a. Introduction – Provide an introduction about the market under study and the RSI technique. You are encouraged to use academic references from EBSCO databases which are available from the CUD online database. b. Data – Collect your historical data from Jan 1st 2000 to September 1st 2015. You should collect Daily and Monthly data. Provide a graph showing the performance of the gold or copper futures prices with benchmarks such as the S&P500, and other commodities such as Silver, Platinum, etc. c. Methodology – Provide some background on the RSI and its use, including the model and how to interpret its results. d. Analysis – Adopt the RSI model onto the dataset and analyze if the RSI provides with accurate forecasts of the futures prices. It is very important to create your own RSI values using excel, instead of using available RSI information from websites. i. Assumptions should be clearly stated, e.g. if different overbought or oversold levels are used in your analysis to add value to your results. ii. Provide 2 graphs with clear indications about the instances where overbought or oversold levels were reached, what was the expected impact on the gold/copper prices, and what was the actual gold/copper. The more accurate the forecasts is, the better is the recommendation to use RSI to forecast gold/copper prices. The two graphs would be based on daily and monthly data respectively. iii. Please provide any observation you can make, e.g., regarding the relationship between the accuracy of the RSI in forecasting daily gold/copper prices and monthly gold/copper prices. Are your observations in line or contradict previous findings (References). e. Conclusion – Please provide a conclusion about your report. References should not be added here. You can also include some future areas of areas specific to your report. f. References. A minimum of 15 references should be added. Both in text and a list of references should be provided. Please refer to the project template regarding the format expected, and the rubric attached. While 30% of the weight will be for the written report, 10% will be given for group presentation. Presentation will take place on the last week of your class. For the written report, please submit both the word report (.docx) and the excel file to your professor.