Information architecture in the police practice in sharing information with other authorities

1) I need to explain in the literature the definitions of “architecture” and the “information” also the “effectiveness of information” “effective” “Information sharing”, the references very important in all paragraphs to give the work more support.

2) show how can architecture help sharing the information between the police departments and other authorities from literature.

3) the limitations for information sharing and architecture.

4) give some examples related to the same work even from healthcare, contraction or any other area close to the one I’m doing.

5) Methodology section:
– Will be use the critical realism: explain it and how it can be used in this area of research. by using the authors names (Mingers) & (Willcocks)

6) If the sources which i uploaded not enough please find some from your side, and the number of sources shown above are the minimum you can increase it.

7) Please organise the work under sub headings in the literature of architecture and information sharing also the methodology for example:

Information sharing:

Information sharing in the police activity/practice:

Information architecture


Critical realism – .. …