Health care management – Logic Model

Using all the sources on the Web (to include the most recent news articles here and overseas and a host of consultancies), create a Logic Model (in Word) of a hypothetical program (your very own product) of “preparing for and responding to, workplace violence in a healthcare setting”. The ultimate goal/outcome of course, would be maximum safety for both patients and staff. As what you probably have learned by now, you work backwards, beginning with the end (ultimate goal) in mind and think through what activities and resources would you need to have had done and expended to get to where you are in the continuum. That will of course bring you to the beginning “box”, your resources; recall that outputs are quantifiables/measurables/expressible in numbers and outcomes are not. Be sure to use the CDC templates to guide you in creating your logic models; you do not have to submit those blank templates that you used as worksheets-  I just need the logic model. The more you use those templates as worksheets, the more comprehensive your model is. Think through this very well, as this is a project you can actually contribute to in your workplace, or even at home. Time are a-changing and this final project is more important than ever to each one of us and those for whom we are responsible.