Full Case Evaluation With Treatment Plan

You will write an assessment report. The elements of the paper are to include:

Identifying Information (disguise names);
Presenting Problem;
History and Background Information;
Behavioral Observations;
Results of Assessments (if any);
Recommendations for Treatment.

Be sure the report is concise and relevant to the presenting problem. The information should present a coherent picture of the individual interviewed and logically lead to the diagnosis and recommended treatment.

The report should be presented in a way that any practitioner who reads it would have sufficient background information to immediately begin a successful course of treatment.

You are required to use the DSM-V in the report and as a source which can be found here:

You will also be required to use in the report the 5-Axis Diagnosis and the GAF.

The Client Info and Transcript, 5 Axis Diagnosis and GAF will be uploaded. The DSM-V is too large to upload so please find it in the link provided in the description.