What to expect from the benefit package that Under Armour offers

Under Armour was founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank. He was a former University of Maryland football
player. Today the company is now worth close to $1.2 billion. They pride themselves on making every
employee work hard and are motivated towards reaching the same goal. They give back to their
employees by giving them benefits if they are committed to the Under Armour Brand and the goals that
are set for the company. Under Armour offers a total compensation benefit package to the committed
employees. What to expect from the benefit package that Under Armour offers is that they pay 80­97%
of teammate health care premiums, cover 100% of wellness and preventative, and cover 100% of basic
life insurance and short­term/long­term disability and EAP. They also offer a number of other little
benefits that would improve the happiness of their employees.


1) Besides the three benefits listed in the summary about Under Armour, what other benefits does the
company offer to its employees?
2) What do you believe is the best benefit that they offer to its employees and why?
3) If you had to choose two benefits that you had to take away from offering to the employees what
would they be and why?
4) Would the health & wellness benefits offered play a rule in your decision in accepting employment
with the company? For example, would an on site gym be enough to accept working for Under Armour
over a company that doesn’t? Explain why it would be enough or wouldn’t be enough.
5) How important are the life, work & family benefits that Under Armour offers to its employees?
Out of all the following life, work & family benefits which are tuition reimbursement, professional
certifications, paid time off, leave of absence, UA GiveBack volunteer days, adoption assistance, home
buying assistance, programs, accident & tax network, and UA product discounts.
What is the most important one that would attract you to want to be an employee for this company and