Donald Trump Leadership Paper

Critical Elements

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed in your completed paper:



  1. Company Policies and Practices
    1. Aspects of Company Policies and Practices: What aspects of the company’s management policies and practices have shaped the organizational framework? This is where you should describe key policies and practices in the organization’s framework related to planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.
      1. Planning: For example, this is where you would discuss an aspect of the company’s mission, vision, strategy, goals, or objectives connected with the planning stage. Did the company alter its mission statement to emphasize the stakeholders it serves?
      2. Organizing: For example, this is where you would discuss the climate of the organization, its design, culture, social networks, and similar aspects. Be sure to include how the leader’s role in orchestrating these elements shaped the organization.

        Leading: For example, this is where you describe the leadership style, which includes decision making and communication within the organization. How have the leader’s decisions shaped such things as motivation? Work ethics? Is communication open and encouraged?

  1. How have these leadership decisions shaped the company? Interpret the outcomes of a decision made—is it related directly to the leader’s style? If delivered from a different point of view, would the results be different?
  2. Controlling: For example, this is where you discuss how the leader’s process, structures, and human resources put into place are shaping the organization. Are the systems effective? What processes have been put into place and why, with what result?


  1. Aspects of Organizational Culture: What aspects of the organizational culture have resulted from the leader’s decisions and values? Use examples to illustrate these connections. Contrast these examples with examples of the organizational culture that are influenced by other factors that may or may not be beyond the leader’s control to provide additional insight into this culture.


  2. Applicability of Leadership Style: How are aspects of this leader’s style applicable to other organizations?


  1. The paper should be about 3-4 pages longs