Design and develop a program with GUI in java to record student's name and exam mark.Â

Java – Simple program using HashTable to store and view a list of students marks

You must use JFrame and Hashtables for this project!



You are required to design and develop a program with GUI in java to record student’s name and exam mark.  Your program is expected to be able to:


Part A:

 1- input as many student’s name and marks.

 2- display all the names and the marks.

 3- delete a particular student name and mark.

 4- search for a particular student and display mark.

 5- display all students that have passed the exam(mark >40).

 6- display all students that have failed the exam.

 7- display all the students that have obtained a distinction(mark>75%).


Part B:

 8- display all the marks in ascending order.

 9- display students name and their marks in alphabetical order.

 10- display graphical representations of pass rates against failure rates and the distinctions in terms of a bar chart.’



 meets basic requirement:

 full implementation of part A.

as above plus:

simple user interface

as above plus:

full implementation of part B.

good user interface( menus, drop down list, etc.)

as above plus:

enhancements : using a class to implement student name + exam mark, Â saving data in files, etc.


Please use validation where possible, such as outputting the results into rows etc.