DAAC 1304 Module 4 Lab Assignment

Module 4 Lab Assignment

1. Visit www.na.org/ write up a 1 page summary of what you discovered about Narcotics Anonymous.

2. Access the following articles below which are from the National Institute on Drug Abuse:

•Topics in Brief: Substance Abuse among the Military, Veterans, and their Families

•Research Report Series: Comorbidity

•NIDA Info Facts Heroin

•NIDA Info Facts Treatment Approaches for Drug Addiction

Read these four articles and write a summary of what you learned. Your summary should be at least 700 words.

3. Access the two articles below which are from the Nation Institute on Drug Abuse:

•Research Report Series: Prescription Drugs: Abuse and Addiction

•Topics in Brief: Prescription Drug Abuse

Write up a summary of the articles of at least 500 words.

To access the two Research Reports go to: www.drugabuse.gov/ click on the publications pull down menu, select by audience, choose Health and Medical Professionals, scroll down to locate the article, click on it then on the PDF icon on the upper right hand corner, you now have a copy you can print off and read. Good luck.