computer information system

(one for each question) on the Lab computers. Each document should be 500 word (each page question) in length, single spaced using headings where appropriate. Content must be original. All citations need to be in APA format. Study Materials You may bring one (1) PDF page of study materials with your name and “CIS 2900-100-43691” on the top left corner. This should be in digital format, so it can include links to websites and resources that you want to use in your responses. Name the file Ultimately, the PDF is more of a reference sheet for the exam as you will be able to also use your texts, search Google, etc. However, it is assumed that you will have spent time finding resources ahead of the exam. Important: This is an individual exercise. You may use any available resources, including your page of study materials (as above), class notes and the Internet, but NO COLLABORATION with others in any form (verbal or electronic) will be allowed. Evidence to the contrary will constitute forfeiture of the full exam, and immediate referral to a university Academic Integrity Hearing Panel (AIHP). Do your own work. Personal portable electronics and cell phones must be turned off and put away during the exam. Name your answer files and Questions must be completed and submitted to the instructor by email, along with a copy of your study sheet before the end of the in-class exam period. No late submissions will be permitted. Partial credit may be given for any incomplete submissions.   Question 1 Using Lon Safko’s “Ten Commandments of Social Media” as a basis, ( ) make an argument for the top five social media categories that every business needs to implement. Make sure to offer examples – both technologies and business cases – as well as sources to support your points. It is acceptable to use Safko’s “Social Media Trinity” (blogging, Facebook, Twitter) as a starting point, but you must still absolutely make a case for those three categories, in addition to two additional technologies that you would consider essential. Question2 You have been tasked by Western Michigan University to help increase awareness of its new Alumni Center in Heritage Hall. The Heritage Hall Alumni Center has an existing web presence as part of MyWMU ( ). What technologies, techniques, and offerings should the Office of Development & Alumni Relations use to promote the Alumni Center’s existence, increase donations, and attract the various interested parties and stakeholders to the new facility? (The building offers exceptional banquet facilities, etc.) Make sure to be specific in terms of what the organization should do. Also offer examples as well as sources to support your points. Question3 A well-known Western Michigan office furniture company ( ) with an international clientele is facing challenges providing customer support for its products. Not only must there be a means for individuals and other companies to contact Haworth for support requests, people want to know how to best arrange (before purchasing), assemble (after purchasing), and recycle unwanted furniture without either hiring an approved support vendor or reading a PDF downloaded off the Web. Haworth has hired you to provide suggestions in terms of how it can not only support its customers in real time for questions but also provide interactive and engaging Web applications that will assist with arranging and/or assembling furniture. Make sure to be specific in terms of what the organization should do. Also offer examples as well as sources to support your points. Question 4 A local technology and networking company, Secant Technologies ( ), recently opened its new Tier3 Enhanced Data Center and needs to attract more new and qualified technicians, network engineering and support specialists, etc. to the organization. In tandem, Secant wants to increase its exposure (and ultimately its revenue stream) in the various tech forums, review sites, and other social media outlets attuned to the corporate networking and cloud computing community to establish and build credibility. Examine the Secant Technologies website and provide some suggestions beyond the standard social media channels of Facebook and Twitter. You should assume and note that Secant needs and already uses a presence on Facebook and Twitter, but look at the effectiveness of both, and then look beyond these two for your recommendations. Make sure to be specific in terms of what the organization should do. Also offer examples as well as sources to support your points. Question 5 Using the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine ( ) track the development and changes of one company that has been online for at least ten (10) years. Discuss in detail the design changes, when social media became a presence on the site, and when the company truly embraced many of the social media and social networking technologies we have explored over the semester. The company does not need to be a leader but should at least have a developed presence. Make sure to be specific in terms of your points, and wherever possible note the apparent success of each. Offer examples as well as sources to support your points. Finally, note whether this company is a leader or a follower of other organizations in its primary market and demographic when compared to its design and social media implementations time line. What improvements might you suggest overall? Question 6 Efficiently organizing digital information on one’s hard drive or the virtually unlimited shelf space of a server on the Internet so that messages, documents, videos, or other digital information may be easily located and retrieved becomes an important task. WMU would like to move some of its data off of local WMU servers yet still be able to quickly find and access key items. Put forth a plan to first distinguish which data WMU might best move off of WMU servers and what data should primarily remain local. Make sure to explain your rationale. From there, move on to discuss where WMU might store its data and how it might readily organize and access not only the remaining local, but also the remote data. Question 7 Cloud Computing offers a myriad of services, features, and functionalities to businesses and their clients. Discuss the three fundamental service models of cloud computing – Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Offer examples of each and what they can do for a business. Remember that there are both business and consumer applications. Finally, explain how WMU might use each type of service to offer either improved or new services to students. Make sure to note what technologies WMU would need to create or acquire. Question 8 Webby Awards are presented annually by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences to honor excellence on the Internet in the form of websites, online film & video, advertising & media, mobile sites & apps, and social. Explore this year’s (2015) Webby Award winners and honorees in the Web Services & Applications Sites category ( ), which are defined as “sites or Web/desktop apps that help people accomplish tasks online, including editing photos, creating/sending documents, finding jobs and homes, and scheduling events.” Identify one service or application among the 2015 winners or honorees (identified on a separate list). Describ
e in detail what the service is or does, and how it might be employed in a business environment (even if it is currently being deployed outside the business world). Where is it being used now? What kind of success has the business had with its application? Why was it deemed worthy of this award? Question 9 UI and UX designers play closely related yet separate roles in development, be they for a product, a service, an application, a website, etc., and the two terms are often confused, sometimes even used interchangeably. Describe the difference between UI and UX and the specific roles of UI and UX designers, taking into account how their jobs are similar and how they are different. How would their respective job descriptions vary? (Be specific and give examples.) Could (should) one person take on both roles? (Again, explain in detail and give specific examples.) Explain the relationship between UI/UX design and company success, both in terms of customer satisfaction and potential profitability. Question 10 At the beginning of the semester, you were asked to identify several examples of “web 2.0” technology and/or ways that technology and new media impacts your work or a hobby, sport, etc. Since that time, we have explored many types of online content in both form and function. During your CIS 2900 journey, we’ve looked at the basics of web coding through HTML5, CSS, and RWD (Responsive Web Design). You’ve built a business website, explored fundamental design concepts and evaluation tools like sales funnel and journey mapping, evaluated and worked with collaborative technologies like Wrike and Google Apps, built an online blog where concepts like open architecture, the Internet of Things, photo recognition, big data, cybersecurity, and user experience (UX) design were discussed, explored value-added web based functionality like embedded contact forms, photo slideshows, interactive maps, and template design along with their associated performance pitfalls, experienced the challenges associated with current ethical issues through global virtual teams, and learned to measure website performance with Google Analytics. Reflecting back to that initial question, now discuss two or three additional items or concepts you’ve experienced since that time that you might now consider when building your own business media arsenal (items not identified in in your first lab project mentioned above). Your choices are not necessarily limited to the above list. In any case, be specific and give examples.