Author/ illustrator study

Author/ illustrator study

For this assignment, you will delve deeply into the works and life of an author or author/illustrator. You may select any of the authors who are listed in the recommendations in your texts, one of the awards categories, or one you have discovered. You may choose from any genre or age group. If you choose an author who is also an illustrator, your commentary should include the illustrations. Be brave and explore an author you are unfamiliar with!

(If your Area of Study is in visual arts, you may choose to examine the life and works of a single illustrator of children’s books after discussing your choice with the instructor. In this option, you will be required to examine and critique the illustration in terms of it’s artistic merit and as well as the historic context of the medium, reproduction technology and comparison to her/his contemporaries.)

You should also read widely any biographical material about this author/illustrator, and critical material related to her/his work. Please keep in mind that the intent of this assignment is not biographical, rather you should use what you learn about the individual’s life to understand the evolution of or influence on their works. When discussing the literary works of your selected author/illustrator, you should present a critical analysis, not summary. Your commentary on of the individual works of this author should be supported by your research into critical commentary on this author, and/or from the course texts. Your final paper for this assignment should include some information about her/his life experience, as well as your understanding of how her/his works were influenced by life experiences.

Expectations for the content:
Consider the body of work in relation to author’s life.
Consider the literary merits and usefulness of the body of work as a whole.
Consider the value of individual works and make specific references to them.
Offer insights about your reading experience.
Requirements for the Study
Read a significant number of works depending on form and/or genre (e.g., an equivalent of at least 10 picture books if author/illustrator, or 3-6 novels or books, depending on length and form; 2-3 anthologies of poetry or short works; 3-5 scripts or plays).
Research biographical information.
Read critical articles relative to specific works, or the body of work as a whole.
Write and submit a 6-8 page paper with works cited pages formatted in MLA style.
Online Resources to Assist with This Paper
Scholastic: Authors and Illustrators opens in a new window
Children’s Literature Web Guide: Children’s Authors and Illustrators opens in a new window and Authors and Illustrators on the Web opens in a new window
Learning about the Author and Illustrator Pages, Kay E. Vander grift opens in a new window
General Instructions for Written Assignments
Your written assignment is intended to test your understanding of important concepts and discover how to sharpen your intellectual skills of analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and application. The intent of the written assignment is to provide an opportunity to more fully describe, explain, and analyze the books and other sources. Here are several resources that can help you successfully complete written assignments