Produce ONE 1000 word essay based on any one of the questions below.

1.      There are many critical elements in supply chain management. For the fast-

food industry, such as Wendy’s, which one in your opinion is the most important,

why, and what can franchisors and franchisees do, along with their vendors, to

ensure optimal results?

2.      What are the various systems in supply chain management to reduce costs,

speed delivery and boost productivity? Give 3-5 detailed examples.

3.      What are the most important trends in global supply chain management that

will shape the business environment over the next decade? Choose one, in detail,

and make your argument and give examples.

4.      According to the CEO of Pinta, companies are no longer in control of their

own brand? Please explain this, justify the statement and give several examples.

Also speculate as to where this will lead to for companies in the future?

5.      What are the essentials of developing and embracing a multicultural

communication strategy—one aimed at various groups and diverse subgroups within a

main group (e.g., millennial Latins or Asians within their respective ethnic


6.      In marketing and advertising either smartphones or apparel to Millennials,

what are the key messages and winning strategies that companies should consider and

why? How might this vary between Hispanic Millennials and Millennials in general?

7.      Based on Joe-Karim Tamer of Mondelez’s presentation, what are the major

strategy concerns and elements of strategy that his firm should consider to

accelerate the growth of Mondelez’s products from its business base? What

could/should it do to fill in consumer spaces (i.e., segments, product lines) not

presenting being served?
8.      In defining a business strategy for long-term growth in the highly

competitive category of snack foods, what are the key elements–in priority

order–that firms should consider and why? Give examples.

9.      In defining a business strategy to fill in  consumer spaces in emerging

markets, what are the key elements–in priority order–that firms should consider

and why? Give examples (real or hypothetical).

10.  Compare and contrast HP and Hewlett-Packard Enterprises (HPE). How will they

be able to distinguish themselves in the commercial vs consumer marketplace with

their digital products?

11.  Review and critique the commerical products and services of HPE’s

competitors—IBM, Oracle, and Sun Microsystems–and present the argument, with

examples, as to which firm (including HPE) has the greatest competitive advantage

with their products and services.