Apply the relevance of each of these three elements to THB Confectionery.

Provide answers to the TWO questions below.


Both questions carry equal marks


Each answer should be between 900 and 1200 words, and should include references to relevant sources, though the references should not be included in the word count. State the word count at the beginning of each answer.


All questions should be answered in the context of the case study – THB Confectionery.







Question 1


A Trust Typology


Companion TrustCompetence TrustCommitment Trust
Based on judgements of goodwill or personal friendshipBased on the belief in others’ competenceBased on contractual agreements between parties
Develops slowly over time through continuing exchangeWhere based on reputation, can develop quicklyCan develop rapidly if parties’ have high credibility
ResilientFragileReasonably strong


  1. Apply this trust typology to the stakeholders of THB Confectionery (please state any assumptions you make).


(25 marks)


Intellectual capital is made up of 3 elements: human capital, social capital and organisational capital
·       Human capital – the knowledge, skills and abilities of employees
·       Social capital – stocks and flows of knowledge that are a product of networks of relationships
·       Organisational capital – institutionalised knowledge owned by an organisation stored on computer and in hard copy documents



  1. Apply the relevance of each of these three elements to THB Confectionery.


(25 marks)










Question 2


Manage internal information, IT & administrative resourcesMonitor, evaluate & select new technologiesTransforming intellectual capital into business value
Develop IT strategy & link it to businessProvide technical vision to complement the business visionIdentify knowledge requirements & strategies for increasing knowledge
Ensure operational efficiency of systemsDetermine what technologies will generate best ROIDesign & implement knowledge infrastructure
Educate business in the use of ITTranslate ideas into a form that laypeople understandCreate collaborative work environment



  1. Apply these three roles and demonstrate the problems these roles are likely to solve  within the THB Confectionery


(25 marks)


  1. Considering these three roles which two would offer THB Confectionery the best opportunity for future growth? (Please state your reasons clearly).