Giver brief description about ground water resources in UAE considering the (amount of water, overall quality, renew ability)

Answer the 6 questions: 1)Week 5 â Ground water resources in UAE Dear Learners, no one can deny the importance of water for everyone and even for the
sustainability of the earth. UAE is classified as one of the water scarce countries. Giver brief description about ground water resources in UAE considering the
(amount of water, overall quality, renew ability) I know you may face a lot of missing information. try to search and find as well as you can. Please limit your
response to be a brief description not more than 500 to 750 words appended with a bibliography of relevant 3 to 4 references. 2)Week 6 â Ground water
protection Q1­You are living in an area which relies on the ground water resources to fulfill the population needs as well as different activities. Mention how to
protect this ground water resources from being contaminated or deteriorated. Discuss some of bad practices that can lead to deterioration of ground water
resources. Give one or two Examples from UAE or the gulf region if possible. Q2­ Based on your understanding of this Chapter and previous Chapter (surface
water). Do you think there is a relation between surface water and groundwater? if yes explain 3)Week 7 â Water pollutant Prepare a literature review on one
of the water pollutants (inorganic, organic, heavy metals, radioactive, microbial contamination, ….etc) discuss its sources (man made or natural) the impact
of the selected pollutant (environmental/ health impacts). Discuss one of the accidents that occurred in the past as a result of presence to this pollutant in
water environment. Maximum length is 700 words, use proper citation such as APA., after posting to the forum, your peers are invited to read your literature
and write their comments. References list is not taken in the word count 4)Week 8 â Water Quality What is meant by water quality? What is the difference
between water borne diseases and water related diseases? if you are living in a rural community, and you have been asked to make sure that the water is
safe for drinking? what are the necessary steps needed to achieve that goal? 5)Week 9 â Waste water Treatment Wastewater treatment usually results in
generation of treatment by­products which is known as sludge. while we are focusing on producing high quality treated wastewater, we usually overlook the
importance of considering the hazardous nature of wastewater treatment solids (sludge). Breifly, explain what is the sludge, its types, and how it can be
handled in the wastewater management system. 6)Week 12 â Water sustainability Indicators read the paper about the water sustainability indicator, define
what is meant by water sustainability indicator and how it can be calculated ( Document attached)