Does it Work?

I will upload a picture of the text book. Only need to answer the specific questions of chapters 9 & 11. Must be in essay question format for a total of two pages. Must cite from book.

There are only two chapters in the book I wanted to touch on are Chapters 9 & 11. Therefore, below I have listed specific sections of those chapters and ask that you read the section and “Does it work?” box and just write your reaction and opinion regarding the topic in terms of helping prevent future crime and it explain your position. Add in whether you agree or disagree with the statements in the “Does it Work?” section as well. A one-two paragraph response for each section is fine, nothing to in depth.


Does Sentence Length Matter, pg. 219
Sentencing Enhancements, pg. 222
Mandatory Sentencing, pg. 224
Rehabilitation, pg. 274
Treatment, pg. 281
Job Training, 286