Death Penalty

RESEARCH PAPER DESCRIPTION: The paper should be on a contemporary ethical issue that you choose. I’m looking for you to clearly identify the particular issue you intend to cover in the introduction of your paper. Make it narrow enough to keep your paper focused. Your introduction should include a thesis statement or a description of what you plan to accomplish in your paper. i. e. I plan to argue ______ based on ____. or The structural concepts and practices shaping ____x_____ are unjust (unethical) because ____y____ as shown by ____z______ . X: your issue Y: what makes it an ethical problem Z: your research Your introduction should also include some of the guiding questions that brought you to the issue and which you hope to at least partially answer? What’s the problem you plan to address? Also, try to argue why your research topic is important and why should the reader be interested in your paper. The body of the paper will support your research. As a general guide, state some of the issues and arguments about the ethical issue based on your research. Include counter arguments. And finally tell me what you think after thoughtfully considering your research. Finally, give a conclusion to your research. I want to hear some practical steps or actions for dealing with your research topic. Are there organizations to get involved in? Are there policy’s that need to be changed? Is there more education that needs to happen? Are there major structural barriers to changing the status quo? etc. FORMATTING REQUIREMENTS: 8­10 pages double spaced 5 sources ­ books and articles (2 of which may be credible online sources, such as a newspaper or magazine articles, blogs, websites). Include footnotes and a bibliography. If you don’t know who to cite a research paper go to: